October 2019

Tools that I use

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is My Choice for a WordPress Page Builder Video Player by SnakePlayer Your BEST Stuff You Will USE Every Day! When I talk about the tools that I use every day, one that sits on top of the heap is landing pages, and to build those pages I almost exclusively use Thrive Architect. […]

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Self Confidence 101

Self Confidence 101

Welcome to Self Confidence 101… Video Player by SnakePlayer The Concepts of Self-Confidence There are several popular theories concerning self-confidence so let’s take a look at a few of the most popular. 1. Sociometer Theory Mark Leary is the social psychologist behind the Sociometer Theory. His research on self-confidence focuses on evolutionary psychology. This theory […]

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MetaDomainer WordPress Plugin Review

MetaDomainer WordPress Plugin… for Domainers and Web Designers! NOTE: I’m told this is a limited time opportunity is going to close within 40 days or so of this post! First a disclaimer… I do NOT personally develop websites for customers or Buy & Sell Domain Names, even though both of those fields make  excellent, very […]

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What is Self-Confidence_

What is Self-Confidence

So, What is Self-Confidence? Video Player by SnakePlayer The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as confidence in one’s self, abilities, and powers. It is the state and quality of being certain. We all need to be certain about our qualities, abilities, and judgments for us to succeed in life. If we are uncertain, it becomes difficult […]

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Do You Have Alzheimer’s_

Do You Have Alzheimer’s?

Do You Have Alzheimer’s? This is important and interesting. My wife and I are forever talking about forgetting things and there are many times I’m sure she has this fear that she might be getting Alzheimer’s. My forgetfulness doesn’t make me think those thoughts but I do get frustrated when I do things like forget […]

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What Is Information Overload_

Information Overload… What is It?

What Is Information Overload? Have you ever started something new – a new job, a new sport, even a new game and you’re trying to learn the information and it feels like your brain might explode? That’s an exaggerated symptom of information overload. But, most people are experiencing it daily from normal life due to […]

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Social Media Posters

Social Media Posters (Dark Series)

Social Media Posters (the Dark Series) Here are a few examples of my work… I created these ones for the fitness niche! To order custom designed social media posters or blog images check out my LeapFrog Creatives store.

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Eight Tips to Avoid Social Media Overload (1)

8 Ways to Avoid Social Media Overload!

Eight Tips to Avoid Social Media Overload One of the problems that happen to many people who like to use social media is that it takes over their lives. Even if you’re doing it for work, you must admit that sometimes it is not really work – at least it’s not productive work. If you […]

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7 Great Ways to Crush It With Your Marketing Blog

Here’s 7 Great Ways to Crush It With Your Marketing Blog!

7 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Marketing Blog Starting a blog can be fun and very profitable, if you know what you’re doing. The concept of a blog is simple. It’s just a place where people in your niche visit to get information and value. The more up-to-date your blog is, the […]

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Making Money Online is a Lot of FUN!

I have been Self Employed for Most of My Adult Life… but I know that you probably were not! I was a paid employee for only about 12 years but I know most people are not from a self employed background and have fears around that. This blog is going to focus on things that […]

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