A Good Alternative to Seasonal Retail Jobs

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Every year around September, retailers start announcing their mass hiring projects for the holiday season.

You may or may not be one of the millions of people clamoring for one of those jobs, but if you are, you know what a stressful situation that can be.

Not only is it disheartening to be an adult applying for retail positions that many teenagers get hired on for, but it’s time consuming, too. You go into stores only to be told to apply online.

When you apply online, you hear nothing – for days, weeks or even months,and sometimes never!

Then you sit there worrying about how you’re going to pay your bills and pay for things like Halloween costumes for the kids, Thanksgiving travel plans or meals, and Christmas presents for the family.

The stress alone paralyzes you at some point, and you sit there waiting for the worst-case scenario to happen…

like missing a payment on an important bill, or having to tell your kids that the special Santa present they asked for won’t be happening.

There is a good alternative to working for chaotic retail stores over the holidays. You can sit in the comfort (and peacefulness) of your very own home and work on your computer.

We’re not talking about data entry jobs or medical transcription, although there are some legitimate opportunities there if you look hard enough.

We’re talking about options that are detailed in courses like the Extra Holiday Cash eCourse,

where you learn four different entrepreneur-based options you have to generate quick cash right when you need it most – from September through January.

When you pursue one of these options, there’s no boss to interview with or salary to beg for.

You set your rates, you decide how much or how little you want to work, and you achieve your monetary goals by setting aside some time to complete your tasks.

Seasonal retail jobs in the offline world often give their workers the option to stay on after the holiday season ends.

They typically do this for good employees who show up on time and work extra shifts when they need it.

You can make yourself the very same offer.

If things go well for you online, consider pursuing it long-term instead of just over the coming months.

See how it goes and if you enjoy it, give yourself a raise by putting in more hours and developing a full-time income with it!

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