3 Niche Marketing Tips for Winning Affiliates

Niche Marketing Tips for Winning Affiliates

Every marketer knows the most popular niches are weight loss, pet care, making money online, survival, baby care, etc.

They’re extremely profitable niches, with billions of dollars spent every year, how do you choose?

Step 1 – Niching down

There’s money in most niches but big ones like weight loss can be almost impossible to compete unless you niche down.

For instance, targeting women’s weight loss? Now the market is smaller but it’s still too tough.

This sub-niche will be easier to target, you’ll find great long tail keywords to optimize your blog posts.

It’s be easier to rank for the low hanging fruit; your marketing efforts will be more streamlined.

The same products marketed to the general weight loss crowd will also work with this audience.

It all comes down to how you slant your content and show that the products will help the reader.

If you can do that, your readers will then become buyers.

Step 2 – Questions to ask

Before picking a niche, research the competition to see if it’s manageable or beyond you?

Are there enough products to promote? Do you know where you can drive traffic from?

Search Google for sites that show up for the keywords you’re targeting.

What’s their traffic like? Are ads being displayed on their sites? What products are they promoting?

Formulate a marketing strategy that’ll position you to succeed as fast as possible time.

Step 3 – Strategizing for success

Research as many affiliate products to promote as you can find and take good notes on them.

Do keyword research to compile a good list of keywords that you want to be able to rank for.

Study your niche to get a better know how to proceed with your marketing plan or if you even should.

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