The way we view ourselves has a profound effect on our lives.

Achieving a sense of self-confidence will lets us feel good about our abilities and allows us to move through life with the skills to handle adversity and achieve our goals.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where low self-esteem is rampant.

These negative thoughts and feelings of inadequacy negatively affect our lives.

We no longer feel confident that we can handle adversity.

We don’t develop resilience or take the normal risks which ensure we learn and grow.

Ultimately, we stay stuck and are unable to plow ahead when difficulties arise.

After a period of time, these issues can lead to mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.

There are several reasons why we develop low self-esteem.

It can be a consequence of a dysfunctional or abusive childhood, traumatic events, or ongoing stressful life events.

These feelings will continue negatively impacting your life until they’re treated.

Let’s examine some of the ways in which a lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem can affect your life in detrimental ways.

A Lack of Self-Confidence Will Hold You Back

It takes confidence to navigate the challenges which life presents us.

When we lack confidence, we aren’t capable of surmounting these obstacles.

We allow doubt to creep into our minds and tell ourselves, “I can’t do that”, or “Why try? I’ll fail anyway!”

These negative loops play over and over until we are convinced that we are destined to fail.

And we do fail because we never even try.

You won’t try out for the football team or ask for that promotion.

You won’t take a class which will help you acquire new skills because you’re convinced, you’re too “stupid”.

Opportunities pass you by, and your world becomes smaller and smaller.

You’ll Be Stressed and Anxious

You feel like a failure, you worry about what everyone thinks, and every social interaction convinces you that you messed up again.

No wonder you feel anxious and stressed.

Which means you probably have trouble sleeping which leads to more anxiety.

It’s a vicious cycle which keeps perpetuating itself!

You May Make Poor Choices

If you don’t value yourself, then you’re much more likely to allow others to mistreat you.

And it also means that you probably don’t take care of yourself either.

You may abuse drugs or alcohol to numb the pain, you may eat poorly or develop eating disorders, and you may put yourself in dangerous situations because you don’t feel you deserve anything better.

On the other hand, a positive self-image allows to make healthy and constructive life choices.

Being self-confident means that external events don’t dictate how we feel about ourselves.

We know that it’s our beliefs and attitudes which shape our self-worth.

Your lifestyle can change from one of stress, mistrust, and unhealthy coping mechanisms to one which is full of positive experiences and meaningful relationships.

You will understand that you may not have control over your past, but you can control how you think about yourself.

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